The Plymouth Concert Band is generously supported by financial contributions from our audience and community. Special thanks to the generous support of those listed below.

Conductor's Circle

Conductor’s Circle donors contribute at the highest levels to support our mission and ongoing programs and initiatives, including our 20th Anniversary Commission Project.


Bridget Barfnecht | David and Kelly Docherty | Julie Winter


Annie Klinke | Bill and Teresa Welscher | Chris Leslie | David and Madeline Elmhirst | Linda Holmen | Nicholas Van Duzee
Scott Peterson | Shannon Elsenpeter | Shirley Ye | Travis and Sandy Kramer


Aaron and Jennifer Hanson | Alan F. and Dena Naylor | Ann Brearley | David Ruder | Delaine Suess | Eric Moon |
Joan Cranbrook | Joni Sutton and Chip Williams | Mary McCarthy | Mike and Vicki Anderson | Nancy Partin
Randy and Julie Olson | Rick and Lindsey Hammond | Roger Adams | Shelley and Robert Smith
Steven Comingdeer | Terri Svec | William and Carol Goins

Other Contributors


Chip Smith | David and Brenda Domingues | Dawn Miller | Jacque Frazzini | John McKone | Karen Arkesteyn
Kate Doan | Mary Keithahn | Maureen Maly | Michael and Elena McFann | Michael Engh | R.L. and C.J. Parrish
Ronald M. and Jacque Frazzini | William and Carol Eggers


Constance Oriani | DeeAnn Radzak | Edrie and Gregory Kioski | Elizabeth Pagel and Jeffery Smukowski | George Linkert
H.K. and Doralee Broxey | James and Roselia Ann Parks | Jana Hargreaves | Janice Walton | Jeff Ohlmann | Jenny Partin-Olson
Judith and Robert Rapp | Larry G. Hanson Trust | Lauren Makey | Lowell Schiebe | Sandra Cornelius | Stacy Shepard |
Thomas and Cindy Jo Scott | Timothy and Catherine Fischer | William Rutenbeck and J. Suzanne Kroon

Community Partners

Minneapolis Area Synod, ELCA


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